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All products listed on this page are kosher and gluten-free unless otherwise noted.

Curley’s Famous Barbecue Sauces

Curley’s retail products are available in Original Hickory, Hot & Spicy, Smoky and Mesquite. All flavors are kosher and gluten-free. Original Hickory and Hot & Spicy are also available in foodservice sizes.



Gaetano’s Italian Sauce

A lightly sweet Sicilian blend, with a hint of onion and garlic has made Gaetano’s Italian Sauce a family favorite since 1956. This delicious sauce is great with pasta, veal parmigiana and lasagna. Also great used as a tasty pizza sauce or a complement to chicken, meat loaf or a wide variety of other dishes.


Gaetano’s Marinara

Red ripe tomatoes, olive oil plus a robust blend of fresh basil, garlic, onion and other spices make this a delicious, all-purpose marinara sauce useful in a variety of recipes. A touch of classic Naples culture, this marinara is delicious on pizza, with pasta and as a dipping sauce.


Aussie Sauces

Aussie Sauce - Beef and Pork Marinade with Aussie Lager

Made with a little apricot nectar, a little Worcestershire sauce, a hint of garlic, a touch soy sauce and a wee bit of genuine Aussie lager, this marinade and basting sauce is great on steaks, burgers, pork loins and chops. All natural. This is not a gluten-free product.


Aussie Sauce - Poultry Marinade & Basting Sauce with Kiwifruit

Apricot nectar with a touch of lemon juice, a hint of curry, fresh garlic and kiwifruit combine for an exotic flavor that infuses grilled or roasted chicken with flavor and tenderness. All natural.


Aussie Sauce - Poultry Marinade & Basting Sauce with Herbs

This flavorful combination of fresh garlic, rosemary, chives and white wine vinegar is a natural on your favorite poultry – whether grilling, roasting or smoking. All natural.


Aussie Sauce - Steak Sauce with Papaya Nectar

Sweetness from papayas, molasses and apples coupled with spiciness from Worcestershire sauce, garlic and onion, give steaks hot from the “barbie” a terrific sweet and spicy flavor. All natural.


Aussie Sauce - Barbecue Sauce with Kiwifruit

If you smoke it, bake it or grill it, nothing rounds off your favorite barbecued meats like Aussie Barbecue Sauce. Fresh kiwifruit, pineapple, green pepper, ripe tomatoes and sweet hot spices bring an exotic taste from down under. All natural.


Ristorante Teàtro

Ristorante Teàtro Balsamic Vinaigrette

This distinctive dressing combines the invigorating tastes of balsamic and apple cider vinegar, garlic and black pepper. It’s full of flavor yet free of fat. Use it straight from bottle on salads and vegetables, as a flavor-infusing marinade or to baste meats on the grill.


Ristorante Teàtro Balsamic Finishing Sauce

Sweetened with natural sugars and infused with the essence of select hardwoods, this finishing sauce delivers the taste of the world’s rarest balsamic vinegars. Finish meats, vegetables, cheeses and fruits with a drizzling of magnificent flavor.


Ristorante Teàtro Balsamic Glazing Sauce

This flavor enhancer is made with true balsamic vinegar native to Modena, Italy. We add brown sugar and spices then slowly reduce it to a sweet and savory thick glaze. Drizzle over roasted meats, vegetables, fresh fruits and even ice cream for authentic Northern Italian cuisine.